Protein Reader

Protein reader is software for mass spectrometry (MS/MS).

Protein Reader mass spec

Four main advantages of CAF/CAF+ technology are:

  • CAF/CAF+ is a chemical reagent for the derivatization of peptide samples prior to analysis by MS/MS and allows to capture same peptide in positive and negative mode of operation – additional accuracy control (produce two MS/MS specter for one peptide)
  • In positive mode of operation obtaining mostly Y-ions while in negative mode obtaining mostly B-ions –  eased de novo readout
  • No degradation of the sample due to use of CAF/CAF+ derivatization reagent
  • Except unambiguous biotypization, antibiotic resistance can be easily find by aforementioned method

We have also developed software (ProteinReader) for analysis of those spectres which allows us to uniquely identify peptides. Testing on more than 200 microorganisms showed positive identification on level of the species (strain was also successfully identified if it was present in NCBInr database).

Software was developed using Java platform as server-client application and for development used were mainly open source technologies (Eclipse RCP, Linux, Apache Tomcat and data warehouse).

We have also founded a spin-off company (SemGen) through which we would like to commercialize developed technology. If you are interested in any aspect of the presented technology please contact us.

MALDI MS/MS biotypization protocol

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